• What are your health concerns now?
  • Do you have any plan or targets at present?
  • What would be success for you? 
  • Do you want to know more about your diabetes or heart/stroke risk, about how to manage it yourself, and give you reminders?

If Yes, how about working on your own health and care plan? Then discuss and develop it with your doctor or specialist nurse. Here's an outline. 

The NHS offers you a plan for your whole health, including reducing your risks, agreeing targets for improving your health and how you will get to these [NHS standards, refs. 1, 2, 6, 10]. Ask what care and support will NHS give you - who, when and where? 

Your own health and care plan should include 7 things:

1. Treatments to control your blood sugars and/or your blood pressure

2. Your other treatments and preventions, including your diet, healthy heart and exercise plans.

3. Your future annual health checks with dates, who and where?  e.g. your blood tests, blood pressure, your annual diabetes and/or heart/stroke review, feet and eyes checks. 

4. Your plan for learning more, so you can manage your own condition, sometimes called your "information prescription"

5. Instructions and plan for emergencies.

6. Your own notes on important things that have happened and questions for next meeting with your doctor or specialist nurse.

7. Longer-term management targets you agreed with your doctor, and how you’ll reach them with their help, e.g. sugars control, weight, diet, exercise, stopping smoking, blood pressure, cholesterol target, triglycerides.    

 You could copy and paste this framework into your own draft plan at home, then add any points from the other pages in this app that you feel are important for you. Then take to discuss and review with your Doctor.

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