About 90% of us with diabetes have Type 2. The signs of diabetes Type 1 are similar, but easier to see. In both types most signs are caused by too much sugar in the blood (hyperglycaemia). You can recognise this in these six ways [ref.15]:

  1. Excessive thirst 
  2. Very frequent going to toilet to pee
  3. Sight blurs
  4. Weight loss
  5. Tiredness, often 
  6. Repeat skin infections. 

Diabetes diagnosis and treatment  

Early diagnosis and treatment by a doctor is important, including... ,  so as to reduce the risks of complications. At present many Type 2 cases  are only diagnosed when the person comes forward already with a complication. 750,000 people are estimated to have undiagnosed diabetes in the UK [5]. 

Diabetes emergency first aid: 

  • Give a glucose tablet (quickest) or something else sweet to eat, or a very sugary drink. Chocolate is too slow!
  • Reassure the person. If no improvement, call 999. 

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