Would you like some reminders of the actions in your personal healthcare plan, to be sent to your mobile by SMS, from this app?

If so, we need some of your personal data, so we can give you personal responses, and ones which are useful to you specially. This means you will need to register with this app.

Please note that we at St Health have a strict security and privacy policy and protections, including the following. 

We never pass on your personal information to anyone. Personal information is only disclosed with the user's agreement, or if required by law.

We keep the connected database of users personalised data on a different server to that used for the website/app.

We do not use plain text files for person/patient data, but use encryption via AES 256.

We use 2 factor authentication, asking each user to register a personal answer to a common question such as mother's maiden name. User data will be protected by using electronic safeguards. Cookies will be used, and log files will be collected.

Each user will be given the choice of receiving emails and or SMS messages, or not, for each category of response by the system.

Our data centre provider is registered to be achieving the standard ISO 27001

Intrusions monitoring is included.

An audit trail is provided for every update to any patient record.