UK social enterprise™ Ltd would like to be your partner in preventing the deadly complications of diabetes.

Our partnership website with our partners is written by experienced diabetes patients, to help: 

  • Those at risk of diabetes avoid getting it, and
  • Other diabetes patients learn more, better manage and improve their health; and, at the same time, cut public health service costs. 

Our authors include medical specialists with diabetes. 

This site uses the latest guidance from the UK's National Health Service (NHS), from its National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE), and from world research maintains a database of lessons learnt from good practice in health services across the world.  


 Our website authoring team leader is Nigel Crawford MA CITP CMC. He is an 'expert patient' with Type 1 diabetes for 40 years, has been a Patient Advocate in the UK Diabetes Research Network, and a peer reviewer for the National Institute for Health Research. He is a member of Diabetes UK Campaigners Network; and of a NHS SW London Group implementing and renewing NICE diabetes service standards.   

Dr Arun Ghosh MPhil CBiol FRSM was a specialist in public health medicine and epidemiology. He had Type 2 diabetes and was of South Asian background. He was on the Planning and Development Committee of Edgware Community Hospital in London, and was a Life Fellow of the UK's Royal Society of Medicine. (Arun, Rest In Peace).

Ayo Osannimu is a management consultant, trainer and workshop facilitator of African background with Type 2 diabetes.

page updated 07/05/17