Do you think you need to reduce your weight and risks of diabetes and heart problems? If Yes, here are top-voted tips for you. Check with your doctor before changing your diet.

Avoid these 8 diet mistakes, to improve your health and weight:

1. Not setting a realistic short-term objective, e.g., reduce total daily sugar consumption by a third [15].  So set your aim now, and put it in your personal plan?

 2. Failing to agree a realistic longer-term weight loss goal – aim for 5-10 kg reduction or a reduction of 10% of body weight [15], and put it in your personal plan

3. Not discussing how best to change your diet with a dietician and your doctor. See them every year!

4. Not agreeing dietary changes at a pace suitable to you – this may only be two or three changes, but ensure that there is no risk of very low blood sugars. 

5. Not finding affordable healthier food options for you, both at home and in your workplace.

6. Do you drink alcohol every day? If so, try to have 2 days off a week with no alcohol, to improve your health and weight.

7. Failing to have a regular weekly exercise plan - better to have one in your personal plan

8. Remember that your medications and insulins may need to be adjusted if carbohydrate intake is reduced or exercise is increased. After you agree changes with your doctor, write them into your personal healthcare plan.  

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