Your lifestyle can protect your heart, or put you at high risk of heart problems.

Diabetes patients are at much higher risk of death from heart diseases and stroke. 80% of us die from these causes [reference: 18]. 

Got 2 minutes?  Watch your own heart attack below, filmed by British Heart Foundation.     

Here are your 6 top-voted tips for keeping your heart healthy: 

1.  Plan your exercise and diet, and keep your cholesterol and blood pressure down - here are ways.

2.  As a diabetes patient, specially, don't smokeWant to stop? Don't go it alone, access your local stop smoking service here (add local link). 

3.  Better blood sugars control reduces your risks of a stroke, heart or arteries diseases [16]. The NHS recommends a tight target for your long term blood sugar test (HbA1c) at 6.5%-7.5% [2, 6]. Near this average you'll get less complications later. Are your blood sugar levels good? If not, here are ways to manage your blood sugars better if you take insulin.

4.  Get your own better diet plan

5.  Work on your blood pressure control.

UK Blood Pressure Association says that poor control causes 125,000 unnecessary strokes and heart attacks every year in the UK, half of which prove fatal. Get it checked by your GP often, and treated if needed.  

6.  Heart health warnings - watch out for these: 
  • Aching legs, often in your calves, brought on by walking and stopping when you rest - tell your doctor now, today!
  • Chest pain, tightness or 'crushing' in the centre of your chest, or vomiting sick - dial 999.
  • Unusual headache, weakness of one side of your face, slurred speech, confusion, unable to lift both arms together - 'FAST' could be minor stroke - dial 999.
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