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Having diabetes you face a challenge. If you look after your health now, you'll live longer, feel better and reduce your risks of big health problems later [17, 18]. 

If you don't, complications like a heart attack, eyes or kidney problems, foot ulcers/amputation, could catch you out in a few years [5].

 Want 5 top-voted diabetes tips you could take now to feel better and stay healthier? 

1. Your heart and blood vessels - are you looking after them well enough? Here are 6 top-voted tips for a healthy heart.

2. Control your blood sugars better, and reduce your complications [16, 17]

The NHS (NICE) recommends a tight target for your long term blood sugar test (HbAIc) at 6.5%, max. 7.5% [refs.2, 6]. Near this average you'll get less complications later, and cut your risks of heart attacks, etc. [16]. Is your doctor/nurse giving you good advice on managing your blood sugar levels? If yes - put your actions in your personal plan. If no - ask them for help soon.

3. Tips for a better diet could improve your health-. Vital to get your diet right to match your medications. e.g. Cut down on the sugar, and sugared foods!

4. Foot care - top-voted tips to avoid foot ulcers [3].

With diabetes 15% of us develop foot ulcers. And 5% to 15% of us with diabetes foot ulcers need amputations [3]. Foot ulcers can become easily infected especially if high blood sugar levels. So, would you like to work on your personal feet care plan?

5. Your personal health plan could protect you

Have you had your annual diabetes check-up and healthcare planning review with your clinician/doctor? Has this led to agreed goals and a written action plan for the coming year [2, 6]? Are you getting on well with these actions? If not, do go back to your clinician now. Like to get SMS reminders of actions in your plan? Set them up here.

If you do not have your own personal plan, why not start  your personal healthcare plan now, for the coming year and then take it to your GP/specialist nurse to discuss and develop it more.

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